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Surface Treatments Services Available
Walton Plating is one of only a handful of treatment houses in the UK offering a comprehensive range of surface treatment services. These services are listed below.

Non Destructive Testing Services
Hardness Testing (Rockwell & Vickers)
Conductivity Testing
Etch Inspection for machine abuse
Penetrant Flaw Detection
Magnetic Flaw Detection
Electro Plating
Stress relieving & de-embrittlement
Cadmium Plating & Passivation
Hard Chrome Plating
Copper Plating (Pyrophosphate Type)
Silver Plating (Dull)
Hard Nickel (Sulphamate)
Stainless Steel Passivation
Sulphuric Anodising & Dyeing
Anodising of Titanium
Hard Sulphuric Anodising & Dyeing
Chromic Anodising
Alocrom 1200
Paint Finishes
Etch primer
Epoxy Primer
Epoxy Finishes
Polyurethane Finishes
Rockhard Varnish
Dry Film Lubricants
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Aerospace Surface Treatment